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      Taixing Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. >> News >> Meilan environmental protection refrigerant "detonated" the market! Many Fortune 500 companies "buy"

      Meilan environmental protection refrigerant "detonated" the market! Many Fortune 500 companies "buy"

      "We need to purchase 3,000 tons this year, Merlin new refrigerant R32, China, Japan and Europe, Daikin companies have to use, but this product is too popular, and do not know whether to set so much "In the recently held China's largest refrigeration industry refrigeration Shanghai International Refrigeration Exhibition, the world's top 500 enterprises, Japan's Daikin Industrial Co., Ltd. Global Purchasing Minister Mr. Miki is quite worried about this specifically to the general manager of the company, "

      The exhibition, the city of Melan company set off a "Merlin whirlwind" - the world's top 500 Honeywell, Daikin, Ake Ma and China Gree, Haier and other domestic and foreign refrigeration industry, "the biggest names "Gathered in the enterprise booth, hoping to buy Meilan green environment-friendly refrigerant.

      This time, Merlin's marketing department is one after another order of the order of the phone, all the first to play the goods and then delivery; workshop production in full swing, the line at full capacity to work overtime; logistics department 24 hours delivery, non-stop delivery of goods to customers Hands.

      It is understood that it is understood that the domestic environmental requirements in the context of the trend, with the arrival of air conditioning production season, the relevant manufacturers have to purchase environmentally friendly refrigerants, Merlin green refrigerant with its excellent quality completely "detonated" market.

      "Science and technology innovation is the key to the development of enterprises, over the years, we will always focus on new product development and research, ahead of the implementation of new refrigerant product transformation and upgrading, and thus constantly expand the survival and development space," Zhou Yubin said the current R32 20,000 tons, the size of the current domestic industry is the largest commodity.

      In the refrigerant industry, the traditional products because of its ozone layer has a certain role in the destruction of the international community has been banned, the domestic has long been limited time to phase out phased out. In this context, the refrigerant manufacturers have to look to the development of green, environmentally friendly products.

       In this strength of the competition, the first company to "start", and all the way "lead". "We have successfully developed a series of new products that can replace traditional products, including R32, R152a, R410, etc." Merlin executive vice president, chief engineer Chen Ming introduced, which is widely welcomed by the market R32 safety and environmental protection, not Destruction of the ozone layer, the use of more extensive, not only can be used alone as a refrigerant, but also with other products mixed into other types of refrigerant.
      It is understood that the domestic domestic refrigerant manufacturers more than 20, but only a few of them can produce R32. The reason, mainly the lack of real technical "diamond".

      "R32 production in the reaction conditions are very harsh, some parameters control in the least. If you do not pay attention, the key equipment will be damaged." Chen said. To this end, Meilan's scientific and technological personnel a full "touch" for 4 years, done a lot of tests. "The beginning of a month is bad once, and later two months bad time, bad year once, until the last thorough clearance.Therefore, even if there are peers to all 'cloning' Merlin production line, can not produce a lot of top quality Of the products, because it involves a lot of key processes, these 'unique trick' is our proprietary core technology.

      More than that, R32 on the impurity requirements are particularly harsh, which has an impurity content must be less than thirty parts per million.

      According to reports, the beginning, this impurity content how can not meet the requirements. Later, Merlin R & D team to carry out technical research, screening again and again, analysis, from the massive data found that it depends on the purity of raw materials. Following this discovery, they worked with Nanjing University to develop high-purity raw materials, the project was Jiangsu Province scientific and technological achievements into 15 million yuan of financial support, Meilan also become the exclusive producer of this high-quality raw materials.

      R32 production is also inseparable from the advanced equipment. Meilan most "cattle" is that they do not take the high price of the introduction of foreign equipment on the road, but in a large number of experiments on the basis of bold and independent selection, all using domestic equipment "whole" from a cost is not high, but in performance but Can be comparable to the import of luxury production line of "domestic lean line."

      Only this one, at least save 50 million yuan. In addition, this is also behind the "possession" of the greater benefits - the equipment in the core of the reactor if a problem, from the import of foreign processing only 4,5 months, the entire production is bound to greatly affected, and now Domestic manufacturing, 15 days to get.

      "Technology innovation has brought huge market benefits. It is estimated that with the return of the fluorine chemical cycle, the company's sales revenue this year can grow by more than 50%." Zhou said the next step, Merlin will continue to increase the technology Innovation pace, in the transformation of industrialization into a breakthrough, striving to become the leader of the city's innovation.

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